Hey there cutie!
Welcome to my blog. 
This blog was founded in 2017, mid summer. To be honest, as a method for procrastination. Turns out, I am pretty decent at this whole post-writing thing!

I have an interest in everything, and when I say everything I mean everything. Just to name a few, I am a vegetarian, lipstick wearer, fall obsessed, stationery and organisation freak who always tries to find new ways to improve and/or make my life more complicated while reading books, taking care of my kittens and drinking obscure amounts of coffee. Whew, that was a mouth-full!

I do want to start working with small brands, and if you want to work with me- check out my "connect" page! I am open to making new blogger friendships, as well as posting about someone's products! To be honest, this could be a conspiracy plan- you never know with me.

I try my best to post 2 times a week, with post topics varying from relationship advice to simple reviews. I post about anything really. 

Keep up with my work, don't be shy (I really don't bite even though I look the part), reach out and let's be friends!

Lots of love,


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