Life update

Hey guys, long time no see!
I have been absent for so long, I know, but bear with me- I have been so busy in a positive way that I just could not find time for this little corner on the internet. Well, technically I could've, but I just wanted to enjoy myself because I have honestly never been happier than I have been for the whole of May and the beginning of June. 
So... What has been going on? A lot.
  • The first change you may have noticed- I deleted all of the videos from my channel. Even though it was a goal of mine, an ambition to become a Youtuber, I found that it just wasn't satisfying me. I wasn't happy. I was stressing out over filming days, ways, editing and all of the things in between. So... I decided to quit! And it has made me tremendously happy ever since I stopped worrying about it. Though maybe later on in life I restart it. Who knows?
  • I bought a guitar! I wanted to get back into playing for 2 whole years, but I never really researched the prices and all... I guess I just didn't want it enough up until this point. I sat down and opened up my laptop and went on an online site for selling and buying crap, searched for acoustic guitars, found a freaking BARGAIN (20 euros for the guitar, the shipping was included in the price), bought my lovely girl and now I'm practicing daily (and hopefully getting better at it)
  • I started going to the gym. Which is, if you know me or have anxiety yourself, a huge thing. I went with a friend of my brother, the gym is like 5 minutes away from my apartment, paid the fees and started going. I swallowed the frog I guess, and now I'm working out 4 times a week and I have never felt better in my whole life!
  • All of this is somehow contributing to my anxiety being completely gone! I haven't had a panic attack or an anxious mindset in so long, I literally can't believe it! I don't know what it is, is it the change in my food and workout habits or is it in the fact that I am just so freaking happy all the time... Whatever it is, I hope it remains like that for as long as possible.
I realize that this is probably completely irrelevant for you, that you probably don't care, but I really wanted to write this out. I really see this blog as a journal of sorts, me recording in writing about what I am going through, what I find interesting and what I want to remember. So that's why I wanted this out!
Anywho, see you in my next post!
Lots of love,


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