How to become a morning person || tutorial tuesday

Hey guys, welcome to a new post!
As I'm writing this, I have my cup of coffee next to me, I am dressed with my makeup and hair done, I already wrote up one post, planned out my day and workout and tidied up my bedroom.
You know what's the thing here?

It's not even 7 AM.

Flashback to a month ago (more or less), I'm waking up at noon- groggy, tired, feeling like a pile of dog poop because I was supposed to be up HOURS AGO, doing things and yet... I just woke up. My whole day goes in a haze, I am unable to function until 10 PM, and the circle goes on and on.
So how did I actually manage to become a morning person?
What the hell even is a morning person? 

I honestly never functioned like this before. The worst thing is- I wasn't even a night owl! I just wouldn't function 90% of the day ( I had a few hours in the afternoon ). 
So if I managed to do this, to wake up at 5:30 AM and to be a functional, productive person, so can you!

  1. Do "the cut"
    "The cut" is a thing which I do when I am having problems falling asleep at a reasonable time. It is not necessarily a healthy thing, but it works. What you do is this- you wake up in the morning and don't go to sleep until the evening of the next day. Basically, you are awake for 48ish hours, trying to work and operate throughout the day(s) and then once you're finally in bed, you will fall asleep in an instant! That should put you back in a normal sleeping schedule!

  2. Night routine
    Once you've done "the cut", you should be in a normal sleeping pattern. Now you gotta establish a good night routine which will help you ease into the "sleep mode", calm you down and prepare you for the next morning. I change up my routines so often that it's becoming ridiculous, but you should change and shift habits and things you do around until you find something which works for you.

  3. Morning routine
    Related to the previous step, you should have a routine which helps you wake up in a natural, relaxed way. Wake up early enough to do what you want/have to do. It will be difficult at first, but in about a week it will get so much easier and you will realize how mornings can actually be awesome! 

    (I can totally write about my current morning and evening routines, if you'd like that, comment down below!) 

  4. Hype yourself up
    When you lay down at night, start envisioning your morning. It sounds cheesy and kinda lame, but think about what you're gonna wear, how you will do your makeup and hair, think about your workout, breakfast and that steaming cup of coffee you'll drink. It makes me so much more excited to wake up on time, just so that I can do all which I want to do!

  5. Realize that you will fail
    If you aren't a morning person naturally, you will have difficulties becoming one. You will sleep in at one point, but that's fine. Just don't give up, keep nurturing the habit of waking up earlier than you normally would, and you should develop it to the max in about a month (more or less). 
That's it for this post guys, I hope you liked it! I am loving the fact that I am waking up so early because I have so much more time in the day. I get to do everything which I want so finally I am feeling accomplished and productive every single day!
Keep up with my work, there should be a bunch of new posts in the next few weeks (I'm feeling my creative juices flooowiiiing) so yeah- come say hi, don't be shy, let's be friends!



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