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How to become a morning person || tutorial tuesday

Hey guys, welcome to a new post! As I'm writing this, I have my cup of coffee next to me, I am dressed with my makeup and hair done, I already wrote up one post, planned out my day and workout and tidied up my bedroom. You know what's the thing here?
It's not even 7 AM.

Flashback to a month ago (more or less), I'm waking up at noon- groggy, tired, feeling like a pile of dog poop because I was supposed to be up HOURS AGO, doing things and yet... I just woke up. My whole day goes in a haze, I am unable to function until 10 PM, and the circle goes on and on. So how did I actually manage to become a morning person? What the hell even is a morning person? 

I honestly never functioned like this before. The worst thing is- I wasn't even a night owl! I just wouldn't function 90% of the day ( I had a few hours in the afternoon ).  So if I managed to do this, to wake up at 5:30 AM and to be a functional, productive person, so can you!

Do "the cut" "The cut&…

Life update

Hey guys, long time no see! I have been absent for so long, I know, but bear with me- I have been so busy in a positive way that I just could not find time for this little corner on the internet. Well, technically I could've, but I just wanted to enjoy myself because I have honestly never been happier than I have been for the whole of May and the beginning of June.  So... What has been going on? A lot. The first change you may have noticed- I deleted all of the videos from my channel. Even though it was a goal of mine, an ambition to become a Youtuber, I found that it just wasn't satisfying me. I wasn't happy. I was stressing out over filming days, ways, editing and all of the things in between. So... I decided to quit! And it has made me tremendously happy ever since I stopped worrying about it. Though maybe later on in life I restart it. Who knows?
I bought a guitar! I wanted to get back into playing for 2 whole years, but I never really researched the prices and all... I…