Ways to lift your mood up || Self-care Sunday

Hey guys!
It's been a hot minute since I posted on my blog, and the reason for that is pure laziness.
Buuuuuut... Here I am! That's what matters the most I think, that I come back every time. This is the longest "project" that I have ever worked on (aside from my boyfie haha). 

Now, we all have those days. You know, you wake up and you just feel... blargh. Everything annoys you, breathing is too difficult, you can't be bothered with your chores, your workload, your friends/family/significant other. I know that I have a crapload of those days. So I compiled a list of things which I do, and that you can as well, to lift my mood up: 

  1. Listen to awesome music (I just use 8-tracks, and search for whatever I am in the mood for)
  2. Paint your nails
  3. Do your hair in a different style
  4. Do yoga
  5. Meditate
  6. Watch a cool movie
  7. Or 3 cool movies
  8. Watch cute animal videos online
  9. Dance around your room, let your muscles loosen up and just have fun
  10. Go grab your favorite hot drink from a local cafe shop
  11. Or try making one on your own
  12. Bake
  13. Go to the park and pet random dogs
  14. Hang out with your own pet (if you got one)
  15. Go to the beach, just sit and chill out
  16. Make something creative
  17. Make your own blog
  18. Or YouTube channel (it's easier than you think)
  19. Go to WeHeartIt or Pinterest and make boards on how you want your life to be in 5 years
  20. Call a friend and go grab a drink (or a few)
  21. Treat yourself to something which you wanted since forever
  22. Take a bubble bath; light up some candles and pour yourself a glass of wine
  23. Get a massage
  24. Cuddle with someone
  25. Make a bullet journal, it's ridiculously easy and it will save your life
  26. Have sex
  27. Cry in the shower, sometimes you just have to do that
  28. Plan out a trip for yourself
  29. Go out for a long, long walk; explore your town's secret streets and passages
  30. Play a video game
  31. Sign up for a workout class
  32. Sign up for an art class
  33. Play an instrument (or learn how to)
  34. DIY the crap out of a project
  35. Google random things and learn about them
  36. Journal
  37. Go outside and ground yourself (take notice of all the things around you, all 5 senses)
  38. Go to your grandparents and ask them to tell you old stories from when they were young
  39. Write positive affirmations for yourself, to say out loud every morning
  40. Make a healthy meal for yourself
  41. Set some goals for yourself
  42. Research about those goals; what needs to get done? how?
  43. Research something spiritual, whether it's a religion or astrology, crystals or whatever
  44. Try following a makeup tutorial 
  45. Read an uplifting book
  46. Download bunch of educational documentaries to watch
  47. Buy your favorite snacks for the documentaries marathon
  48. Go outside and say hello to every single person; smile while doing so
  49. Make a bunch of lists (like this one) 
  50. Pull up your blinds, open up your windows, change your sheets; freshen up your space
  51. Organize everything: room, wardrobe, bookshelves, work desk, laptop, phone
  52. Make donation piles, to throw out piles and to store files
  53. Delete the old screenshots from your phone for crying out loud
  54. Hug someone; if you're alone, hug a pillow (pets are awesome for this!)
  55. Put up string lights 
  56. Plant a plant (or 3 in my case)
  57. Or buy a plant 
  58. Put some fresh flowers in a vase
  59. Go to the farmer's market
  60. Talk it out to someone
  61. Watch inspirational YouTube videos 
  62. Watch podcasts
  63. Do something which you have been putting off for a very long time
  64. Take off your bra and socks
  65. Let your hair down from the tight band
  66. Discover new things; music, artists, movie/book genre; people
  67. Go to a different place to eat, somewhere where you've never eaten before
  68. Go to a new coffee shop, try out their coffee
  69. Take a picture of something; make it pretty (for yourself)
  70. Talk to your mom 
  71. Turn on the TV and laugh at the silly commercials 
  72. Go through old photographs and diaries and laugh at how silly you were
  73. Reach out to an old friend with whom you haven't talked to in ages
  74. Smile and fake it, sometimes you have to do that- pretty soon you will start feeling it as well :D
With the power of a good coffee cup, a lot of lists, a lot of persistence, I always manage to lift my mood up. Now what works for me may not work for you so I would love love love to see what you think about my list and what is on your list! Comment down below :)
See you guys next time



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