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Spring 2018 BUCKET LIST

Hey guys, welcome to another post! As it is April, and spring is in full blast here in Serbia (finally), I can't help but feel... New. Fresh. I don't know what it is, is it the fresh wind? The smell of flowers? The fact that it was winter here in Serbia since November? Whatever it is, I feel good. And not just my average good. Like... Good good. Pretty awesome actually. It inspired me to do so much this season that of course, my inner lil list maker had to come out and play!  So, spring 2018- let's see what we can do:

SPRING CLEANING! (done, and tbh I am exhausted!)Make a bunch of spring DIY decorations for my bedroomGo out to the forest just outside my town (and take a bunch of pics hue hue)Make spring inspired cupcakesPlant more plants (I already have 2)Run outsideDrink morning coffee out on the balconySit outside in a cafePut more fresh flowers around the apartmentPaint my nails in a spring colorRead outside on the balconyGo to the beach before the bathing season arrive…

Ways to lift your mood up || Self-care Sunday

Hey guys! It's been a hot minute since I posted on my blog, and the reason for that is pure laziness. Buuuuuut... Here I am! That's what matters the most I think, that I come back every time. This is the longest "project" that I have ever worked on (aside from my boyfie haha). 
Now, we all have those days. You know, you wake up and you just feel... blargh. Everything annoys you, breathing is too difficult, you can't be bothered with your chores, your workload, your friends/family/significant other. I know that I have a crapload of those days. So I compiled a list of things which I do, and that you can as well, to lift my mood up: 

Listen to awesome music (I just use 8-tracks, and search for whatever I am in the mood for)Paint your nailsDo your hair in a different styleDo yogaMeditateWatch a cool movieOr 3 cool moviesWatch cute animal videos onlineDance around your room, let your muscles loosen up and just have funGo grab your favorite hot drink from a local cafe …