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Hey cutecumbers, welcome to another post!
And also- HAPPY NEW YEAR! We haven't seen each other in so long oh my god. I'm so sorry. But, I do have some awesome new content for you guys and lemme tell you... You're gonna love it.
So, with the New Year rolling by, we all hope it's gonna be better than 2017. Let's face it, nobody liked you 2017. Go away and never come back! But, I believe that hoping is not enough. You have to take conscious actions to make the New Year your best year ever! I am also a firm believer that resolutions and goals are something awesome, something which guides you through the year and keeps you on track. Granted, I really haven't kept up with my resolutions last year but I blame 2017 mood for it!
Today I will show you how I set up my resolutions. And goals. And bunch of other lists. (if you didn't know, I'm a huge list freak. I love me some lists).
Without further ado, let's get down to business :D

When we set goals and resolutions, we tend to be unrealistic. You did it. I did it. We all do it. I don't know why, is it the new year frenzy in us or the fresh start that makes us feel like we can do everything. But the fact is- you can't. You can't go to the gym 6 out of 7 days a week if you have never even come close to the doorstep of one. You can't expect to become a time management god in a span of 24 hours. So, right from the start, set your bar low. But not too low. You should set your resolutions and goals so that they motivate you to strive towards them, but not too high so that they seem impossible. Start slow, move upwards.

After you have realized that you are only human, take a piece of paper and a pen or take your planner if you have one and write down what kind of a person you want to be in 2018.
For me, this looked something like this:

  • I am a youtuber.
  • I am a 100% vegetarian.
  • I work out minimum 4 times a week.
  • I am more sophisticated.
  • I am less angry and less aggressive.
  • I take care of my mental and physical state, as well as my skin and hair.
  • I am completely organized and I have everything under my control.
  • I have my own business. 
  • I have a perfect wardrobe.
And so on and so forth. I have so much stuff on my plate this year, and just looking at this you get a panic attack. Imagine how I felt. I am a person who constantly self-corrects and who changes so much and wants to change so much that I constantly make new plans, lists and resolutions. But, most of these things on my list can be lowered/altered/modified so that they seem and are more possible.
After altering it a bit, I ended up with 2 lists- goals and resolutions. 

Goals are all the things which you can divide in small steps, checkpoints, which you can do at certain time-sensitive points throughout the year. 
So, a goal would look something like this:

  • Brainstorm video ideas before the 15th of January
  • Film a couple of videos, try editing them by the 17th January
  • Create a channel: make the banner, create the name, link it all etc. by the 17th January
  • Film the first video, edit it and upload it by the 21st January
  • Figure out the upload schedule, film consistently and work your best.
This is an example from my goal list. My advice is that you have 3 to 5 goals for the year, and that you devise a plan for all of them. Think very hard, devote a full day (or a week in my case) to it, alter it on the way there and aim to achieve them all until clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December 2018 :)

Resolutions are things which can be adopted through changing your habits. Not really time-sensitive, but require a lot of work as well.
A resolution would look something like this:

  • Use planner daily
  • Clean 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening
  • Meal plan on Sundays
  • Declutter everything
  • Wake up early, go to bed early
It's the small steps which you do daily. You can start doing them all as soon as you finish the list practically. Resolutions are something which is even phrased differently than a goal. "Do more of____". A goal is more specific, while a resolution is not so much. Not in quantity definitely. You could have as much resolutions as you want, but try adding them up gradually. Don't start it all on 1st January, because you will be overwhelmed. It will be hard to keep up with all of these new habits which you need to do, all of a sudden. Granted, you know yourself best, so if you can do it all at once- go right ahead. :)

I also mentioned lists. Alongside with goals and resolutions, I like to write up a few lists at the beginning of the year. My favorite though is "to buy" list. I like to write out everything which I would like to get at some point throughout the year, whether it's clothes, tech equipment, make-up or anything else.
You can write out any other kind of lists, for example- what videos/posts you want to post in 2018, what places you want to visit in 2018, what workouts you want to try out in 2018... Anything! This year I have only the "to buy" list and usually that's the only one which I need in the year, but you know what fits you best!

I would love to hear about your new year's resolutions and goals! Hit me up on Instagram, Twitter or here in the comments! Don't be shy, I don't bite :D
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Stay safe cuties,


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