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On love || Small talk Sunday

Hey cutecumbers and welcome to another post!
Before we get into the today's topic, I want to say one cool thing and another really cool thing.
First of all- look at the blog look! My blog got a makeover, just like I did :D
And then... Second thing... I am launching my very first YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Whaaat? Yeah, I am uploading on Tuesday (if everything goes as planned), my channel is already set up with all the links and channel art and I have my topic prepared well! Stay in tune, link will be in my Contact me page and bellow this post as well :)

On to the post... I am young. I have seen less then 2% of the world. My relationship experience is not vast. I had 3 long relationships and 3 one night stands. I dabbled into a lot of first kisses though. I know that I may not be completely right about this topic. But it seemed that this topic is fitting for this Sunday, especially with what happened with my boyfriend the previous week.
I will not get into the details, as it wouldn't be …

New Year resolutions || Small talk Sunday

Hey cutecumbers, welcome to another post! And also- HAPPY NEW YEAR! We haven't seen each other in so long oh my god. I'm so sorry. But, I do have some awesome new content for you guys and lemme tell you... You're gonna love it.
So, with the New Year rolling by, we all hope it's gonna be better than 2017. Let's face it, nobody liked you 2017. Go away and never come back! But, I believe that hoping is not enough. You have to take conscious actions to make the New Year your best year ever! I am also a firm believer that resolutions and goals are something awesome, something which guides you through the year and keeps you on track. Granted, I really haven't kept up with my resolutions last year but I blame 2017 mood for it!
Today I will show you how I set up my resolutions. And goals. And bunch of other lists. (if you didn't know, I'm a huge list freak. I love me some lists).
Without further ado, let's get down to business :D

When we set goals and resolu…