Unwind with me/ night routine! || BLOGVEMBER DAY 3

Hello cutecumbers!
Today I have a cute little post for you guys- my night routine! I have the freedom to do this every single night, and I do try to do this every single night! Unless we have someone over, like a friend or something, I usually do these few little things to just ease into my bed and fall asleep easier than usual! If this sparks up your interest, then just keep on reading:

  1. Since I work from home, I have the freedom to start unwinding at 6 PM. At 6 PM, I finish with giving lessons and I make myself a cup of tea. Recently, I've been trying to lower my caffeine intake, so I don't drink coffee after 5 PM. Thus, I make myself a cup of tea- I prefer black tea, green tea with lemons, or mint!

  2. Then, I have dinner with my family. This happens between 7 and 8 PM. Dinner is the only time where all three of us get to spend some time together, so we usually make a nice meal, sit at our dining table and chat about our days! I find this very important, as we are after-all a family!

  3. After dinner, I will sit back on my laptop and do some blogging. On ideal days, I write up my posts in the morning and then just edit them in the evening, but it happens that I just sit down and write up and do all the work in the evening as well! This takes me from about 30 minutes (if I am just editing) to an hour and a half (if I'm doing all the work). I play some relaxing music, usually my playlist, I finish my tea, smoke a cigarette and just relax while writing out content! My brother always asks me how I am not lazy to do this, but I really do enjoy doing this! I find it purposeful, meaningful, and not to mention a great practice (since I want to become a journalist)!

  4. When I'm done with posting, and I share the link on my IG and Twitter, and also send a link to my boyfie (sending you love sugar) so he can proofread it for me, I make my bed cozy and comfy before heading to the bathroom! There, I take a shower, wash my hair if necessary, and do my evening skin care routine!

  5. There's very little difference in my morning and evening skin care routine, in fact the only difference is this- in the morning, I moisturize with a baby cream, because my skin soaks it up much faster, leaving me with a smooth face fast, and in the evening I moisturize with coconut oil. Before moisturizing, I clean my face with Avon 3-in-1 cleanser, toner and moisturizer ( I am looking for some cruelty free products similar to this one, if you have something in mind, hit me up in the comments or on my Twitter), pat my face dry and then just moisturize!
    After doing my face, I moisturize my whole body because I have very dry skin which gets flaky so easy! I brush my teeth and hair, and then I'm out!
  6. Once I get to bed, I take my bullet journal and just jot down some of my to-do list, although I finish it in the morning. This just gives me a slight overview of what my day will look like. I plan out my work schedule and I write down what post I will be posting that day, my wake-up time and update my habit tracker!

  7. After that, I like to challenge myself to read one chapter of a book each night and try not to stare at my phone or mindlessly watch TV! I am currently reading Ready Player One, a book which I borrowed from my boyfie's best friend, and I am so far loving it! I might do a review once I'm done, so there's a subtle hint for a future post :D

  8. I try to fall asleep at around 10:30 PM, as a part of a self-challenge, and for the past week or a bit more, it has been going great! I think that, because I unwind slowly and as it is such a long process, I get in that mood for sleep much better than before! I know that many of you don't have this much time at your hands, but since I do- this is what I do!

There you have it guys, my night routine! This is the first time that I did a post like this, and to be honest, I am very pleased with how it went! I would love to see your night time routines, so come join the cutecumber family and hit me up on Twitter, IG or down bellow in the comment section! Let's be friends!
Lots of love,


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