The complete guide to being weird af || BLOGVEMBER DAY 11

Hello cutecumbers, welcome to blogvember day 11... 10 days later.
On Twitter, I told you I will post everything on Monday and Tuesday along with an explanation... But in all honesty... I have no explanation. It's not that I have no ideas, I have it all written down, I mean I shit you not I have a full blown list of all the posts which need to be posted in November, but... Somehow. I got into such a bad phase last week, but more on that phase in the next post... Anyways, I am terribly sorry for every post which I missed out buuuuut- ALL OF THEM WILL BE UP TODAY BY MIDNIGHT EUROPEAN TIME!
Now, onto the actual post- the complete guide to being weird af. You know those looks which people give you when you are doing your own thing? Yeah? Well, I am so used to those that at this point I find it strange when someone isn't looking at me like that! Bellow I will list everything which people told me I am weird about! If this interests you then just keep on reading:

  1. Dress as you want.
     Apparently, if you do what you want with yourself and your looks you are being weird. I've heard this said to me no matter if I was dressed for business or in my normal sweater and jeans combo. What's important is to stay true to yourself and people will find you weird!

  2. Do things with passion.
    When you do what you want, and you're really passionate about it, and people see that you will take no crap no matter what, they find you weird. So do everything you do with fire, commit yourself fully to it and give it your best!

  3. Drink at weird times of the day.
    I am not really a person to wait for Friday evening to drink. If I feel like drinking, I will pop a bottle open and get myself tipsy! It's more about occasions than it is about the "time of the day". And hey, you know how they say : "It's always 5 PM somewhere" !

  4. Read... A lot. Everywhere.
    Numerous times I have heard "You read that book? But it's like... 500 pages long" or "What?! You read 10 books in a month? That's so weird. " Reading a lot will make you definitely make you look weird to some people, but hey.. Who cares? Also, read pretty much everywhere. I swear, the only places where I haven't read are the grocery store, churches and weddings!

  5. Talk to your cat. Like it's a human. Often.
    Okay, for this I can't blame other people, I know this is on the weird side of the scale but... My cat(s) are so cute that I just can't not talk to them like that! I mean, I talk to them a lot, and they meow back and it makes me feel good... Shut up!

  6. Be really fussy about small details.
    Like your finger and toe nails matching in colors. Or what kind of pen are you feeling today. Or if your notebooks are aligned in your purse. That kind of stuff. Super weird, trust me :D

  7. Be open.
    Be open about yourself, your past, your future plans, your current emotions, your goals, your wishes and dreams. Nowadays, people hide that like it's the national treasure, and I am just... Not digging that. If someone asks me about stuff like that- I will answer. So, be open to people and they will find it weird.

  8. Write a blog.
    In a small town. Which is located in a small country. And not in your native language.

  9. Carry EVERYTHING with you. At all times... Like, even the toaster.
    Be one of those people who always has everything. At one point my friend asked me if I had something obscure, what was it... Play-doh! Yes, that's what it was! And I swear, I just pulled out a small container of it from my purse. So yeah... That's weird.

  10. Be really close with your family.
    People always tell me that it's weird that I don't lie to my mom, and that my mom knows so much things which are very private and which (normally) parents don't know. But... My mom is my best friend, I can tell her everything. And I swear, hanging out with my brother, going out to grab a cup of coffee with him, playing video games with him, it's everything to me. If family is important to you, you're gonna be seen as weird.

Okay cutecumbers, there you have it- a funny little post on everything which I do which people here find it weird! Do people find you weird? Is it similar to this list of mine? Be sure to tell me, comment down bellow or hit me up on IG or Twitter!
Stay sweet cutecumbers,
lots of love


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