October favorites! || BLOGVEMBER DAY 1

Hello cutecumbers!
Today is officially... BLOGVEMBER DAY 1! Yes! I decided to participate in this challenge of sorts, I kept seeing people doing monthly posting (on both YouTube and blogs) and I decided to do it myself. So.. Keep an eye on my blog cause there will be a POST EVERY DAY FOR THE WHOLE NOVEMBER.
To continue now with the actual post... October favorites. October has been a hectic month for me, with the job I started and my anxiety pulling me to the depths of hell, but I did enjoy some things. If you are curious about what those things are, then just keep on reading:

  1. Halloween!
    So, first things first- Halloween is officially my favorite thing in the world! This was the first time I actually did a costume (I did it because of my job, there was a contest for the students... never mind) and I loved it! I was unsure if I will do it right, but seeing as it's my first time doing something like this, I am quite pleased with myself! What do you guys think?

    Hey look! It's me!
  2. Scarves!
    Now, I have always been a fan of scarves! But this season... Oh jolly. I was wearing them more than ever! I recently started loving infinity scarves! Bellow I will leave some pictures which are very similar to my scarves (I would take pictures, but the lighting is soooo baaaaad)
    My scarf was  handmade by my mom years ago!
    The scarf I have is EXACTLY like this one, but I bought mine in a dollars store. I'm pretty sure you can find some similar to this one anywhere though :) 

  3. My October playlist!
    If you don't know, I have an 8tracks profile, where I recently started posting playlists! You can find my October Mood playlist here ! I will post a November playlist as well, it's currently being made! I don't know, my playlist just gave me such a cozy, nice vibe throughout the whole October! Once, my boyfie (sending you love bae) came over, and we played this playlist and drank cinnamon spice lattes and we were wrapped in blankies and it was just so... ugh... so cozy!

  4.  Pumpkin+ cinnamon spice everything!
    Okay, so without no joke, October turned me into such a basic white chick... Like, no joke. I was putting cinnamon (especially) and pumpkin in everything- you name it! Soups, tea, coffee, cookies, pies... Anything and everything!
    I'll list bellow some of my favorite recipes from around the web which I either tried or will try (might be a hint for a future post)
       *better than sex pumpkin pie (vegetarian)
       *pumpkin and cauliflower soup (vegan)
       *pumpkin spice latte (vegan)
  5. Grave Encounters 1 & 2
    As you may or may not know, I am not a big fan of horror movies, and even if I watch one I am very picky about it. So, when my boyfie told me to watch this, I was sceptical. Very sceptical. But, I gave it a watch just because he told me it's a first person point of view, a.k.a. the actors in the movie hold the camera on their own. I only and exclusively watch horror movies like this. I watched the first part back in August, and watched the second part now- in October, and oh my... I swear, these movies are one of the best I've seen. I mean, yeah, sure, the quality isn't top notch, I agree. But the fact that these two movies play so well off of each other, that there are some serious jump scares in them, that the second part is slightly better than the first one... Come on, it's good! Plus, it has all the elements of a perfect horror movie- the P.O.V., the old haunted asylum, good chemistry between actors, quality jump scares... It's good. Watch it.


There you have it cutecumbers, my October favorites! If you like this post, be sure to comment down bellow! I would love to see what your October favorites are! Also, keep an eye on my blog- there will be a daily post until end of November! Hit me up on Twitter, Instagram or in the comments- let's be friends!
Stay safe cuties,
lots of love



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