My morning routine! || BLOGVEMBER DAY 8

Hello cutecumbers, and welcome to blogvember day 8!

I told you recently that I wanted to implement a bunch of routines in my life, so that my life would be more scheduled therefore- more organized and efficient. Among many routines, I find that the most important one is definitely the morning routine. I am a firm believer that if you don't start the day right, you won't end it right as well, so I created for myself the perfect morning routine. Needless to say that all of the stuff which I do work for me. That doesn't mean it will work for you! I find these kind of posts incredibly interesting (because I am a nosy mf) and inspiring! If this type of thing interests you as well, then just keep on reading!

  • My wake up time is usually at 7:30 AM. I find that when I wake up at this time, it's not too early and not too late in the morning. I also get just enough sleep, since I fall asleep at 11 PM. I had huge problems waking up on time, and would usually fall right back asleep no matter what is waking me up. Until I discovered... Alarmy. It's an app which is like a regular alarm app, it rings and whatnot. But to turn it off, you can shake it, do math, take a photo of a certain object or do a QR scan, all of which you can adjust in settings. It's free and you can find it in the App Store for Androids. I am not sure if you can get it on an Apple phone though, but check it out!

  • Then I go to the bathroom and do my business. Not too interesting, and definitely not picture appropriate. I do normal mundane things- pee, brush my hair and teeth and splash my face with water so that I wake up!

  • I then make myself a cup of coffee. On regular days I drink black coffee with lots of sugar, but if I wake up and I want to make myself feel a bit more extra (lol) I make myself a cinnamon spice latte. It's really easy making it, I just make regular black coffee, put half a cup of milk, add sugar and half a tea spoon of cinnamon powder. You can get it anywhere. Today however, it was plain black coffee for me.

  • If I am home alone, if my brother is at school and my mom is working morning shift, I watch some YouTube. If not, I drink my coffee with them. If I watch YouTube, I watch either Kalyn Nicholson, Rachelleea, Lavandaire or Rachel Aust. Oh and for some school and organization inspiration Mary Plethora! Check those girls out, they are some good shit!
    My attempt at flatlay photography. 
  • After that, I will go to the bathroom (again) and do my make-up and get dressed. Make-up is optional, only if I feel like it that day. Today, I was feeling like it :)
    OOTD + FOTD- gray sweater, black tanktop with lace back, plain skinny jeans from Springfield. As for the face, I did my usual make-up routine- foundation, blush and highlighter, brows, winged eyeliner and a pop of colour on my lips :) 
  • Then, I plan out my day! If it's Sunday, I plan out my next week as well, but if it's not, I just write my daily layout! More on my planning routine later this week!
    My weekly layout! More about that in a future post!
There you have it guys, my simple and effective morning routine which gets me up and about in approximately 2 hours! I know it's not too much and that you were probably expecting a lot more complex stuff, but this is just something that works for me. And as someone who hated mornings, I feel like this routine is a step forward in me being more organized and efficient!
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Lots of love,

PS: All of the pictures (except for the "boring" calligraphy) were taken by me! This is the first time that almost all the pictures are mine! Tell me if you like that :) 


  1. Very nice, I read it even after U deleted me from ur fb friends :,(

    1. Ah, well thank you for the read anyways! Send the request again, I had some issues with my FB! And thank you for the compliment!

  2. why do you plan out your week on sundays if you're just going to plan out your day during your morning routine every day?

    1. On Sundays, I write out my weekly goals and pen down everything which I know needs to be done i.e doctor's appointments, blog posts, events. Something which I know will happen for sure and something that must be done. Then. in my dailies I write out stuff like chores, exercise plans etc. Don't worry anon, there will be a post on it soon!


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