How to get and keep being motivated || BLOGVEMBER DAY 5

Hello cutecumbers, and welcome to blogvember day 5!
Although day 3 and day 4 have been uploaded a bit too late (terribly sorry for that, I had some issues #moreissuesthanvogue), they have been uploaded and I hope you guys like them! I really do try my best here, and I am having so much fun doing all of this... ah, it's making me feel so fulfilled.
Now, to get on with the post... Motivation. We all say how we're not inspired enough or motivated enough. We don't study because we're not motivated, we don't do our work properly because we're not motivated, we don't eat healthy and exercise because we're not motivated, we aren't organized because even the thought of doing something is daunting and sounds too much of a hassle for us to even begin. But, you cannot say that there weren't times when you were motivated. You know that feeling very well- feeling inspired, doing everything without a problem, waking up with determination to get stuff done. So... How can we keep those bursts longer? How do we make them last so long, we have no clue what it feels like to be unmotivated? If this sparks your interest, then just keep on reading:

  • Use visual aids. Try using WeHeartIt, or Pinterest to look for pictures which will motivate you to do what you want. Whether that is exercising, studying, working or anything else, there is a probably a picture out there which will inspire you in some way. Try seeing positive and negative reinforcements! See what works for you best- is it seeing someone who is not fit to motivate you to go and exercise, or is it some fitness model which will force you off of your couch. It's very individual and personal. For me, I like seeing positive pictures. But hey, to each their own- if you like seeing negativity and if that will force you to change- you do you!
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  • Another thing which you can do in terms of visual aids is make a vision board! (subtle hint for another post) Print out pictures, draw, write out quotes, whatever you feel like doing, and pin it on a cork board or glue it to your wardrobe, mirror, door... Whatever works for you, do that! You can make it subtle, so that it looks like it's more of a decor thing than a vision board, or you can make it obvious and write down lists of things which you want to achieve. Look at it often, add and remove stuff from there, and maybe that will motivate you.

  • What is it that you want to change in your life? You want to study more? You want to exercise? You want to change your style? What is it that you need motivation for? Let me tell you a little secret- once you start doing it, you will get into the momentum of it. I know you don't want to go to the treadmill, and I know that even though you have that test tomorrow you are binge watching Gilmore Girls. But look, once you put on your gym clothes or once you sit down and try doing 5 minutes of studying... It will get easier. You will feel better about yourself. And that is what will motivate you the best. Actually doing the work will be your motivator. Tomorrow, you will decide to go exercise a bit easier, and the day after even more easier. And with time, it will become a habit. And once things become habits, it's difficult getting rid of them. Thus, you will feel motivated all the time :)

  • Maybe you're in a rut? If you're in a rut, you might feel uninspired and unmotivated. Try changing things up in your environment. Move furniture around, buy a new lamp or wall art, DIY something which will spruce up your place. Change is good. Changes like this make us feel better. If you can, go take a weekend trip. Go by yourself, with your significant other, with your friends, hell- go with your family. Do something which you normally wouldn't do. Try changing your hair, it doesn't have to be anything drastic, you can just do a different style today. Usually have your hair down? Try tying it. Try putting on a bold lipstick on, if that's not your usual thing. Change things up. See what happens.

  • Why do you want to change? Is it because you want to be more confident in your body? To achieve a certain result in school/ at work? Is it because you want to look more professional? Identify your why. Your why will keep you going when you feel like you can't go anymore. You why is also one of the things which can keep you motivated for so much longer then anything else will. Trust me on that one.

  • Let go of perfection. The hard truth is that you will never be perfect. Things will never be flawless. Get rid of that myth. Things will never go 100 % as planned, you will always be a work in progress. Perfectionism is what will hinder you from changing at all. Your grades and notes don't have to be perfect, you don't have to do that exercise perfectly, you are allowed to wear something which "isn't in" or which don't "fit your aesthetic". Relax. Realize that any progress is a progress non the less. And, as soon as you let go of this idea, you will get motivated much easier and stay motivated much longer.

There you have it cutecumbers, another post up! Keep in mind that motivation is important, but it's not the most important thing in life. Dedication, self-discipline, work ethics and want are. If you have those 4 things, motivation is there just to ease things up when you hit a bump on your road. But if you don't, motivation is nothing. Still, it doesn't hurt to have it as long as you can. Because motivation is what you need when you feel like the road is no where near the end, and when you can't even figure out why you want what you want, and when you can't see if all your work is worth it.
Tell me if this post was helpful for you! Would you like me to do more posts like this or..? Hit me up on my IG, Twitter or down bellow in the comments! Join the cutecumber family and let's be friends!
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