Accessories to wrap up any autumn outfit || BLOGVEMBER DAY 9

Hello cutecumbers, and welcome to blogvember day 9!
Today I have a cute little post for you guys, nothing too serious or anything... We all know that autumn is the best season for outfits- the layering, the colors and the accessories! Which is today's topic- accessories. When I was younger, I would always wear the edgiest accessories possible, and I would always wear the same ones, no matter the outfit. I was an emo kid, sue me! But, as I got a bit older, I realized that accessories can make or break your outfit, so I got more serious about planning out my outfits. If you wanna see my essentials for autumn, then just keep on reading:

  • Scarves.
    I swear, as soon as I see one leaf turn orange, I pull out my scarves. I have bunch of them in different colors, so that I can match them with my outfits for that effortless chic look. If you have troubles wrapping them, opt for an infinity scarf, but you can find easy tutorials online. I prefer infinity scarves or blanket scarves, for that easy touch to any outfit. For me essentials would be black, gray, one in your favorite color (burnt orange aaah) and one beige plaid :)

  • Beanies. Or hats.
    Ever since hipster style rolled in our lives, I was obsessed. I swear, it was like it was the thing which I needed my whole life. And with that style, we got beanies. I am a fan of cute beanies, they look really good with a leather jacket (faux leather, of course!).  As for the hats, I am in love with bowler hats. I dig that "long coat-bowler hat- cute booties" look so hard that I swear, I want to be buried in that!


  • Statement rings.
    Okay, you know how everybody says statement necklaces? Well, I kind of hate necklaces, they always get tangled in my hair and they make me all itchy and I just don't like wearing them. So, of course, the next thing for me was rings. I am in love with rings, always have been, always will be. Rings are something that just draws my eye immediately. And, as a smoker, I love the look of my hand with the cigarette and a cute ring on it. I wear 3 rings on a daily basics because I got them from the two most important persons in my life. Since they are silver, I like to play them off with some chunky, over the top, silver colored rings. I just like how it looks. And I find it easy to wear them, they don't get in the way of me doing stuff, they don't itch and they look adorable!


  • Bag.
    Now, I know that most of you find purses/bags to be an essential, something handy. It's an efficient way to take all of your crap with you without looking like a crazy person who robbed a office supplies store. Or is it just me? Anywho, when I was younger, I would take my canvas backpack with me everywhere. And let me tell you- that thing was horrible. I always hated the way it looked, but it was so practical for me, it had two huge front pockets, and inside there was a division so inside you had two even bigger pockets. And as someone who always needs everything (tissues, sketchbook, make up touch up, pens, notebooks, earphones... there will be a post on this, no worries), I thought that I won't find another one which will look cute and be functional. Well, now I know I was wrong. I bought 3 purses, big enough to fit my cat inside, which look adorable, and fit everything. I have one in warm brown, one in dark blue and one in black. All of them are the same size, and pretty much the same look/shape. But it works for me. So try purchasing a nice faux leather bag, to go with your go to essentials in your wardrobe, and see how it works out :)


That's it cutecumbers, that's all for this post. I just want to tell you this- never be afraid to experiment. With your clothes, make-up and hair especially. If you see something, and you like it... Go ahead and do that. I know what I am talking about, I was in the same spot as you were.  Everybody was expecting me to be that dark-emo-chick-who-wears-skulls-on-everything. But one day I woke up and I wanted to wear something different. I got so laughed at that it ruined my self-confidence and it took me ages to relax again and try again. But I did, and now I am so happy with how I am that I don't care what other people say. Try what you want to try, see what works for you, after that- you do you!
Lots of love,


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