5 tips for long distance relationships || BLOGVEMBER DAY 4

Hello cutecumbers, and welcome to another post!
You have no idea that over the summer, I was in a long distance relationship with my boyfie (sending you love bae) and now that I think about it, first 6 months of our relationship and these past few months we are in a long distance relationship. I mean, sure, yeah, we aren't 1000 miles away from each other, but we still see each other less then either of us would like to. But for all you babies which are in an even longer distance relationships (can you say it like that?) here are some tips how to make it less awful:

  1. Talk as much as you can. Talk often, and talk about everything. It doesn't matter if it's about what you ate today or what are your plans for the day, or if it's something highly philosophical- talk. Stay in touch and share stuff with your significant other. The physical distance can cause a deeper, emotional distance between you two. So try your best to not let that happen!
  2. Never keep secrets. I mean okay, you probably shouldn't tell them what kind of poo fell outta your butt today, but you should tell them as much as it's acceptable. Secrets can cause doubt and jealousy. And trust me, it's easy calming them down when they're next to you, but when you're using a chat program or a video chatting, it's much harder. Also, tell them that there should be no secrets on their side too. This is a time when your trust will be tested to the max.
  3. Set out a specific time of the day when you can talk to them. Set aside an hour or two, in the morning or in the evening (doesn't matter at all) where you will have peace and quiet and where you will be able to fully commit to talking to them. Just because they are away, doesn't mean you shouldn't try hard.
  4. Be romantic. Do your makeup, dress up nice, make a dinner for yourself and tell them to do the same. Drink coffee together, each on their own end. Or wine. Watch a live stream together, or play a movie at the same time. It doesn't matter that they're away, you can still do stuff like this. Sure, you're not able to hug them, snuggle with them or kiss them, but you can still do plenty of stuff together. Keep the spark alive!
  5. Lastly, plan what you will do together when you get back together! Plan where you will go, what you will do, how it will look like and everything in between that. Having a plan like that will make it seem like they are gone for less time then they actually are. Make those plans together and look forward to them!
There you have it cutecumbers, for all of you in a LDR- there is hope! I know that it's hard, I've been and still am there, but it's worth it. Because when they come back to you, and hold you in your arms, and you kiss after such a long time, you feel alive again. You feel whole. And that is the feeling you should look forward to. Keep your thoughts positive, try not to get sad much, and it will all work out in the end!
Lots of love,


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