5 steps to be more organized || BLOGVEMBER DAY 2

Hello cutecumbers, and welcome to BLOGVEMBER DAY 2!
Today I have a post for all you organization freaks (no judge, so am I). You know how, no matter how much you clean, or use some apps (or a lot of them) on your phone, watch tutorials which make it more complicated than it already is, you just can't get organized properly? Well, no worries cutie, I got you covered! If this sparks your interest, then just keep reading:


First of all, there are some preparation steps, which you can but don't have to take. They will however make it easier:

  1. Declutter.
    It sounds simple, but it really isn't. I'm not gonna lie to you, and I never will. Look, I know that that piggy bank holds a lot of memories for you, but will you really use it? Chances are, you probably won't. Ask yourself a few questions first:
    *Do I like it?
    *Will I use it in the next 6 months?
    *Does it bring some aesthetic to your room/apartment?
    *Is it whole? Is it worth repairing it?
    If the answer to most of those is no then get rid of it. Take baby steps, remove 2 or 3 things at a time. Pick one day of the week to go through an area of your space, i.e. your wardrobe, your shelf, kitchen, bathroom- whatever. And just devote yourself to answering those questions for each individual thing. Also, pro tip- If you have a problem with your wardrobe, put all of your clothes on hangers and put the hangers facing towards the wall of your closet. Once you put the clothing article on, when you use it in an outfit, turn the hanger to face the door of the wardrobe, or outside towards you. Do this for 2 weeks of each season (spring, summer, autumn and winter). Everything which stays facing the wall, donate it or toss it. Of course, if it's a dressy gown or a suit, you can leave it in. But even then, ask yourself "Will I ever wear this again?"
  2. Deep clean your whole space.
    Once again, whether it's your bedroom, your dorm room or your whole apartment, deep clean everything. Do this after you have decluttered everything, when you feel like you have just enough stuff surrounding you. Vacuum the floors, change your sheets, wash your curtains and/or blinds, wash your windows, dust every surface. Get in those small nooks and clean it properly. Devote one full day to just that- clean. I find cleaning therapeutic, but if you struggle with this, you can blast some music and make a dance off party while you clean, or if you're an exercise junkie try squeezing in some workouts in your cleaning. Use protection if you will clean with some harsh chemicals or if you have any sort of allergies (dust for example!!). Once you're done, you just need to maintain it. More on that later :) 
Those were the preparation steps, now onto some real, organization steps which you can take daily:
  1. Once you touch it, put it back.
    What I mean by this is, for example, you take a book from your shelf. And even though it would be easy to just leave it on your desk or your bedside table, you shouldn't. It doesn't belong there. Put it back! Put it back on the bookshelf. And by doing this for every single thing you make it so much easier to maintain the neatness of your surroundings. :)

    Shelf inspo *_*

  2.  Write it down.
    Get a small notebook and take it with you everywhere . I mean, it can be a fancy thing which you paid like 50$ or it can be a simple dollar store pocket notebook. Doesn't matter. Always, and I mean it, bring a notebook and a pen with you. You never know when you might make a plan with someone, or when you might get a due date/deadline, or when you get an inspiration or an idea. If you have a notebook, you can simply write it down and that way you will never forget it. You see, organization isn't that much about how things look. I mean, it is a bit. But more importantly, it's about how things work. Organization is a solution for things to go more simply or more smoothly. So that you don't have to get annoyed or anxious or to beat yourself up for losing or forgetting something. By writing things down, you don't have to worry about that much things. Write lists, write to-do's, write monthly plans, yearly plans. Write goals, write what you're happy about. Write what you want to be, or what you want to change, write what you want to buy or what you want to wear. Write it down. Make it a daily ritual, to write down your goals and tasks and to journal a bit on the side.
    Bullet journal inspo! It doesn't have to be this complex or neat, trust me- mine isn't. But the system gives you a lot of freedom! I will be making a post about it in the near future, I just want to make sure I am actually sticking to one type of layout for a bit before posting!

  3. Pick one day out of a week to clean.
    I told you before in preparation steps that you need to deep clean your environment before starting to organize yourself. But, it won't stay that way unless you maintain it. So pick one day of the week, for me that's Sunday, where you vacuum and dust and change your sheets. You don't have to deep clean it like you did the first time. At least not that often. I do deep clean once in 6 months, and on Sundays I just tidy up a bit. Although, I do clean something everyday. But, I have 3 cats and if I didn't, it would get quite messy. Every day when I wake up, I put aside 30 minutes of my time to go through the whole apartment and tidy up a little bit- wipe something off if needed, put back some stuff if it's out of place, wash the dishes etc. But most of my work gets done on Sundays. Pick a day which works for you and with your schedule the best, and just clean. :)
    Not really like this though, but props to Sarah and her awesome comics! 
  4. Don't take shit.
    If you know you will just bundle up that flyer, don't take it in the first place. Don't buy crap you know you won't and don't need. Don't buy stuff which you know are a seasonal trend. Try to minimize your belongings so that you are happy with them and at the same time that it's functional! So try buying clothes which go well with what you already have in your wardrobe, try revamping your old stuff if you can so that they fit in with this new life you are building up for yourself and don't take and get shit which deep down you know you don't need!

  5.  Lastly, don't slack off.
    Organization is kind of like that- if you take too long of a break, you might have to start all over again. If you're not a person who is naturally not like that, it may be tempting to go back into lazing off, not caring about your environment and eventually getting into panic attacks because "oh no, I lost that important bank paper". Trust me, I am like that. But, deep down, you need to realize that it's much easier to suffer through getting up from your comfy bed to put that book back on the shelf, or to bring a notebook in your bag, or to clean for one day of the week, than to spiral down into mess and stuff and chaos. It's always better to make good decisions now, for the long term. Because temporary indulgences are just that- temporary. But failing an assignment or forgetting about a dentist appointment or anything of that sort is a bit more serious than enjoying yourself for 10 more minutes. Persist in this, and in long term- you will be calmer and happier.

There you have it, 5 kind of simple steps to being more organized. It's a process, and I know that it may be hard. Trust me, I myself am currently in this process. I know it's a hassle, I know you might want to watch TV or sleep, or whatever. But believe me, once you get there, once you get to the point where you can go smoothly through your day, it's so much easier. And why wouldn't you make your life easier? Life is already hard enough for you to make it even harder. Do hard stuff now, so that in long term you can enjoy yourself!
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Lots of love,


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