September favorites!

Hey guys!
I know this post is a bit late (try a lot...) but I've been busy with REVAMPING THE BLOG!
I just wanted to add a bit more of that fall vibe to it, and I really think I succeeded! What do you guys think?
So, without further ado, these were my September favs:

  • This past month I really didn't wear that much make-up to be honest, as I was rushing to get things done with college exams and everything in between that. But, when I did wear some, I was sporting my Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen! That baby is golden I swear to you guys! I am someone who has a huge problem when it's windy outside- my eyes get so watery that my complete make-up look gets ruined beyond repair. But this baby just doesn't smudge or runs down my face like I am a drama queen or a goth wannabe. Nope, it stays put! Also, the tip is so tiny that I can both achieve the dramatic look and the nice, minimalist day look! If you're in doubt, be sure to check Essence!
    PS. Another recommendation for windy times, also from Essence (I swear this post isn't sponsored!)- their Get Big Lashes waterproof mascara. It has become another staple for me, and I noticed myself grabbing it without even thinking it! If you want me to do a full review on this mascara, hit me up in the comments or on my Twitter!

  • Since I wasn't wearing that much make-up, I turned my attention towards skin care. My skin care routine has to get a bit more complicated as the cold approaches, as I have very dry skin. Or so I thought. This season I switched all my creams and moisturizers for one simple thing- coconut oil. I shit you not guys, coconut oil changed my life! I read about it online, watched multiple YT videos (Check out BeautyWithinYou on YT, lovely girl) and originally got it so that I could put it on my hair. But then I read about using it as a moisturizer and hot damn- my skin has never looked so good! Together with my usual cleaning routine (either Avon Care 3-in-1 cleanser, toner and moisturizer, or just a regular anti-bacterial soap) it worked magic! I no longer get break-outs or blackheads and my skin is so soft to touch. I 100% recommend getting some! I'm using a drugstore brand from Slovakia, a 1000 ml tub!

  • When I found out that I dropped out of college, I needed something to distract me and Gilmore Girls was what I was looking for. Although I am just on the 2nd season, I am loving the show overall! The relationship between Rory and Lorelai, the overall feel of the show's dynamic... If you're looking for a fall TV show check Gilmore Girls out!

  • The last thing on this list are incense sticks! I've been burning through these babies like crazy, but with so much musky and warm scents, it was impossible for me not to get addicted! It put me in fall mood in a nanosecond! I get mine from AliExpress site, as it has free shipping worldwide, and you can find a wide range collection of pretty much everything there!
    My favorites: Laoshan Sandalwood, Indoor Spices and Apple!

That's it for September favorites! If you like posts of this kind, reach out and I will make more of them! Also, tell me your favorites for the month of September!
Lots of love,


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