How to make anxiety suck less

Aloha cutecumbers!
In my last post, I gave you a subtle hint on my next post AND HERE IT IS!
My last post- how my anxiety affects me- shows just that. How it affects me. But, I did promise you guys to show you how I deal with all of it. Over the past few years, and especially since I got diagnosed, I did a lot of research online about little tips and hacks on how I can ease up my panic attacks and if it was possible to maybe prevent them from happening at all! If this sounds like something which might spark up your interest then just keep on reading:

  • Journaling.
    Journaling helped me immensely. Trust me when I say this- writing down, even just a page a day, has helped me root myself in the present moment. I told you in my last post that I have problems thinking about the past or the future. By journaling, I help my mind by steering it in the right direction. I journal about how I feel, what I am currently doing,  smelling, sensing. I write about sounds and my natural stream of thoughts. Just by doing this, I stop thinking about both what was and what will be, I force my brain to focus on now. I personally enjoy journaling in the mornings, but that's just my cup of tea. Sometimes though, I write down as I feel like it, i.e. when I start to feel a panic attack building up. I prefer writing it down physically, but for times when I am unable to actually write down stuff I do use some apps.
    My favorite one is Penzu, but you can find anything for your phone by going to the Play Store and searching journaling/writing app. 
  • Breathing.
    It may seem weird that I am putting this here, but I don't mean regular breathing. I find that by following this gif, I can calm myself down almost every single time. I just stop whatever I am doing, close my eyes and breathe in sync with the movement of the geometric shape. Try it for yourself, I can't guarantee that it will work, but for me it works like a charm.

  • Yoga.
    Okay, so for this I know that everyone, EVERYONE, can do yoga. It doesn't matter what size and shape you are or how flexible you are, what matters is that you are doing it. Focus on doing just that. Focus on how your muscles feel when you are performing certain positions, how the ground feels bellow your hands/feet, how your breathing changes. This is something which you can't do always and in every situation. But by practicing it daily, you are rooting yourself. Plus, exercise is proven to help with anxiety. Sure, you can go to the gym as well. But, for me, this is the best option. I watch YouTube tutorials and (try to) follow them through, about 3-4 times a week. So far, I can see a small improvement. But keep in mind: THIS IS A SLOW PROCESS. I follow Yoga with Adriene, she just has the best flow for me.
  • Meditation.
    Now, I SUCK at this. I just can't sit calmly for even 5 minutes, let alone for 15. But, I found a thing that works for me. Everybody showers, you know? I mean, at least I hope they do. I do it daily. Once again, I hope others do too. So, while you shower, imagine all your worries and negativity going down the drain along with water. You just breathe, feel the water hitting your skin, and just visualize your anxiety going down the drain. That way you start the day fresh, you can do it really easily and it doesn't take too much time from your day.

  • Change in diet.
    When I started eating more healthy, I started feeling more healthy and along with that, my anxiety reduced. I still do experience it on a daily basis, but somehow less. I am a vegetarian, but that doesn't mean you have to become one. (I mean, it would be cool, because, y'a know... Meat is murder... There will be a post on it... Maybe) Just try eating more whole foods, less fried stuff, less greasy stuff. Try eating less sugar as well. Lower caffeine intake ( I am SO BAD AT THIS) and increase your water intake. Drink green tea. Eat fruits and veggies. Snack smart. You know the drill, try to take care of your body as best as you can. This will help you fight back anxiety.

  • Planning and organizing.
    Writing down deadlines, obligations, plans, ideas, dates and lists made my mind SO MUCH MORE CALM! I shit you not, I started using a bullet journal, and ever since then I know that I haven't forgotten anything, and even if I do get that panic in me, I just sit down and check my planner. You can invest in a high end planner, like Erin Conrad's one, but you can also utilize the bullet journal system and make it your own. Just write down everything important and even not important- when you get panicky, you can skim through it and ease up your worries. :)

That's about it cutecumbers! This is how I deal with anxiety. All of these tips are kind of habits, once you start practicing them daily, you will start getting results. All of this however won't fix the problem completely, it will just help you ease it up a bit. Try all of this, and if it works for you- awesome! But if it doesn't, it doesn't mean it's the end of the world, okay? This is a slow, painfully slow process. You have to go through all the steps: the "not knowing what's wrong", the "oh my god, I am insane", and inevitably the "okay,I am normal, I can deal with this". Maybe what works for me, won't work for you. Try it all out, just stay safe. And trust me, we are all normal.

If you try it and it works, hit me up on Twitter or comment down bellow! And even if it doesn't, tell me, maybe we can figure it out together. 

Lots of love,


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