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How to make anxiety suck less

Aloha cutecumbers!
In my last post, I gave you a subtle hint on my next post AND HERE IT IS!
My last post- how my anxiety affects me- shows just that. How it affects me. But, I did promise you guys to show you how I deal with all of it. Over the past few years, and especially since I got diagnosed, I did a lot of research online about little tips and hacks on how I can ease up my panic attacks and if it was possible to maybe prevent them from happening at all! If this sounds like something which might spark up your interest then just keep on reading:

Journaling helped me immensely. Trust me when I say this- writing down, even just a page a day, has helped me root myself in the present moment. I told you in my last post that I have problems thinking about the past or the future. By journaling, I help my mind by steering it in the right direction. I journal about how Ifeel, what I am currently doing,  smelling, sensing. I write about sounds and my natural stream of thoughts. Jus…


Hey guys, welcome to a new post! I know I haven't been posting much in the past few weeks. I definitely haven't posted as much as I wanted to, but there's a solid reason behind it...

                                       I GOT A JOB!

I've been teaching English (mostly conversational, with a bit of grammar on the side) in an online school to Japanese people! It's super fun, the paycheck is okay (could be better, but oh well) and I have flexible time. But, since I've been working a lot (5 hours a day isn't a lot to someone, but for me who hasn't worked... ever, is. suck it up. no judging.) I haven't had enough time to do what I like. If that makes sense? I mean, I've been getting my reading in line and I do watch YouTube and see my boyfie (sending you love babe) but other than that, my other spheres just fell in second plan.
Now today, and when I say today I mean like RIGHT NOW, I had to do something uncomfortable. Something which I've been av…

How to be productive when you don't have to be productive

Hey guys!
If you read my life update, you would know my current situation- I am currently taking a gap year, a.k.a. I am no longer a student. I am someone whose life was based on my academic obligations/duties; most of my daily routine was devoted to studying, note-taking, reading the assigned literature. But now, I don't have to do that. I don't have to do anything. When that realization struck me, it struck me like a lightning bolt by the way. I (like any normal human) took maximal advantage of it. Thus, my usual day looked like this:

wake up at nooneat lunchwatch TV or Gilmore Girls on my laptopplay World of Warcrafteat dinnertake a shower (maybe)go back to sleep My days were unproductive, I wasn't taking care of myself, I wasn't doing anything which I found meaningful and purposeful. So, last week I gave myself a challenge and tried to follow it through for the whole week:

 Be productive even though you don't have to be!

The challenge is actually a routine, created…

Autumn colors!

Hey guys and welcome to another post!
As you all know, Autumn is upon us and like everybody else- I am obsessed with it! From the food, to music, activities to colors and clothes there isn't a thing which I dislike about autumn. Thus, I decided to collect a few photos from around the web to show you guys this year's colors for autumn!

If you didn't hear about Pantone, Pantone is a corporation who specifies in color coordination. They also choose Pantone Colors of the Year, made into a schematic and later used by experts in many fields- fashion, makeup, wedding organisations, interior design, gardening etc. So, by googling Pantone Fall colors 2017, you get this schematic:

Well, not exactly this schematic. This scheme is property of Sarah Renae Clark, illustrator and designer from Australia (check her out!) But, those colors are the Pantone Colors of the season! Any fashionista, creative executive, designer and anybody who does anything color related, who cares for their wor…

September favorites!

Hey guys!
I know this post is a bit late (try a lot...) but I've been busy with REVAMPING THE BLOG!
I just wanted to add a bit more of that fall vibe to it, and I really think I succeeded! What do you guys think?
So, without further ado, these were my September favs:

This past month I really didn't wear that much make-up to be honest, as I was rushing to get things done with college exams and everything in between that. But, when I did wear some, I was sporting my Essence Superfine Eyeliner Pen! That baby is golden I swear to you guys! I am someone who has a huge problem when it's windy outside- my eyes get so watery that my complete make-up look gets ruined beyond repair. But this baby just doesn't smudge or runs down my face like I am a drama queen or a goth wannabe. Nope, it stays put! Also, the tip is so tiny that I can both achieve the dramatic look and the nice, minimalist day look! If you're in doubt, be sure to check Essence!
PS. Another recommendation for windy…

Life update|| An unexpected turn...

Hey guys...
I've been putting this post off for about... A month now? Well, to be fair, I did have exams alongside with this new problem which I encountered.

*breathes in deeply*
I failed college. 
There. I said it. I failed. I failed, I failed, I failed. I didn't pass enough exams in order to get into second year. I failed.
But... I don't feel bad? People would expect me to feel like crap, I expected to feel like crap but I don't. Why?

I found out about this nearly 2 weeks ago. And the past two weeks I have spent in thinking, pondering, problem solving, depression fighting. Only to finally figure it out- the degree I was pursuing wasn't my degree. English major here isn't what I thought it would be. I thought it will be novels and analysis of said novels, creative writing- lots of it. Sadly, my first year was wasted on phonetics and grammar. I thought about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Could I really spend my entire working life being a teacher? I…