Story time: How I met my pet!

Hey guys! Today I wanted to write an easy post with a cute story about a very special guy from my life!
The story starts a year and a half ago, when we just moved out of my father's apartment (my parents are divorced) and when my mom, my brother and I have just settled in. I always wanted a cat, as I am a die-hard cat person, but my dad (being a complete opposite of an animal lover) was a huge problem in me making my wish a reality. So, naturally I asked my mom who was (surprise surprise) also against it, claiming that "cats are too much of an obligation for me". I let it slide.
Flash forward two months from that time, we were walking to a friend's salon to get haircuts. It was really late at night, around 10:30 PM, when we were just around the corner to the salon when my mom spotted something. It was, indeed, a cat. A kitten to be precise. Nearly dying. My mom, being weak to beings in need, agreed for me to help the kitten get back to life. We took it to the salon, gave it water and tried to keep it warm. On closer inspections, we figured out he was a little guy. We named him Batman! Trouble started when we were about to leave. We couldn't just leave him somewhere. He would die! We managed to convince my mom that we take him home.
Before we regained strength we liked to sleep on humons.
So we brought him home, washed him (he was all sticky from rotten plums which have fallen on the ground around him from a plum tree) and fed him. I put him in an old T-shirt, wrapped it all around him and made him into a little burrito and let him sleep on my bed. The next morning, first thing in the morning, I went and bought cat litter, a collar for kittens with fleas, cat food and little bowls and boxes for him. He was ecstatic! It took him about a week to regain his strength, but in no time he was a little ball of fluff running around our apartment like Bolt!

When we regained strength however our favorite activity was catching flies!
To be honest it was love at first sight! He got us all hooked on him, his playfulness and softness. You could see he cared for us, you could see he knew that we saved him. And even today, he shows his good nature to us.

Before, when we were small.
After a year and a half, fully grown and better than ever!
That's it for this post! I would love to hear your pet stories, so be sure to comment down bellow or DM me to Twitter! 
Lots of love,



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