Things I learned in my first year of college!

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I know I was supposed to post this yesterday, but yesterday was hectic for me. I ended up going to the ER and hospital, because I got a kidney infection. Though, I got my meds and now everything should be fine! But I definitely decided that I will be posting on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so you can check my blog and on those days there should be new content!
As you can see from the title, this post will be about my first year of college. I finished my first year in the end of May, had exams in June and soon I will have another round of exams (they start on the last day of August and finish mid September). Even though I am unsure if I will pass my exams therefore unsure of whether I will go in the second year or not, I thought that maybe this post could be helpful for all you guys there who are just starting college!

                              Things I learned in my first year of college:

  1. Go to class. I can't stress this enough. Although you will find it everywhere in posts of this type, I guarantee that it's true and necessary. Whether you get points for attendance or not, 99% of information you need for the material you are covering, exams and midterms, extra credit work and what not, you will get it in class. Also, the more the professors recognize you and remember you, the better- especially in oral exams.
  2. Oral exams aren't that scary, you just need to talk a lot.
    Never stop talking, don't let them stop you. Talk, talk, talk! And try not to stray away from the topic/question too much.
  3. Use one notebook for class and other for home.
    When you are initially writing down information, it will be messy and not readable. So take one notebook to each class, label it and date it and write class material there. Then, when you come home, rewrite it all down in another notebook- the one from which you will study!
  4. Use separate notebooks for every class.
    That way you can organize your notes better, it will be easier for you. Also, put index on the first page and number all your pages so when you need to find something specific you go and check the index!
  5. Sleep and eat properly.
    Your body needs to last, you need strength and you need your brain to work perfectly in order to get the most out of your studies.
  6. Friends are important.

    You need a group of people which you can trust, with whom you can study, with whom you can party hard. Supportive people in college are a must, trust me.

  7. Use. Your. Planner.
    If you don't have one- get one. You need one, don't lie to yourself. Organization is important, and in between due dates and social activities, club meetings and relationship stuff, it's easy to get lost. Set your priorities straight, color coordinate your planner, schedule out each hour of the day if necessary- just write everything down.
  8. You need self-discipline.
    In college, they assume you will do the work. There's no checking of homework, no nagging for not coming to class. They see you as a grown up- they assume you have discipline and a healthy work ethics. If you don't (like I didn't) you're pretty much screwed. Trust me, when something needs to be done- get it done. When you need to be somewhere- go there. Do your work and then relax later. Self- discipline is important, and the work you put in will reflect itself on your grades later.
  9. Practice self-care.
    You will burn out otherwise. And when you burn out, you can't work. In order to avoid that, practice self-care. It can be anything, from having a pamper night for yourself, watching a movie with your significant other, reading, yoga- whatever makes you feel good and relaxed!
  10. Call your parents.
    They worry a lot, you are away. Tell them what you were doing that day, what you ate, how is the weather there, what you did in class etc. Trust me, it means a lot to them.
  11. Learn how to say no, and when to say yes.
    Figure out what you like doing and what you don't, what needs to be done and what really doesn't. Respond accordingly.
  12. Read.
    Read books. Read newspapers. Read online articles. Read the extra material. Read school assigned books and read books for pleasure. Try to get your hands on as much reading material as you can. Reading is good for you.
  13. Ignore your inner critic.
    Your mind might start telling you that you aren't good enough, that everybody else is better than you- stop. Stop it right away. Ignore that stupid thot, and continue doing things which you enjoy. And never let your mind be the biggest obstacle in life and in you getting what you want.
  14. Set goals.
    Set small goals like waking up every day on time. Set big goals like moving to a certain country. Set goals and slay them, everything you do throughout a day should bring you closer to your goals.
  15. Breathe.
    Everything will be fine. Maybe you will realize that college isn't what you want. Maybe you will realize it is but you realize it too late. Maybe you don't get to continue next year, it's fine, you can try over. Everything will be fine, I promise. 

There you have it, things I learned from my experience in my freshmen year of college! Was this helpful? Would you like more posts like this, or do you want to see something else? Be sure to comment down bellow or to send me a tweet or something!
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