"Look what you made me do"-Taylor Swift || Not a common opinion?

Hey guys! Even though this isn't the type of post I had in my mind on posting, I couldn't help myself- this video is everywhere! And me being a Swiftie since forever, I felt the need to point out few things:


  1. First things first, this video is intentionally made to make a point, with amazing videos and easter eggs throughout the whole song/video- you can't deny that it took effort, brain and hard work to think up with this master piece! Although Taylor always does that with her videos, this time she went one step further and really nailed  it! She had me captivated and looking for small details since the start to the end!
  2. Next, Taylor looks ah-maz-ing in this video! With the new outfits picked out for this video and the old outfits from her past, I was blown away! She brought that classic Tay look and merged it with this new "bad ass" girl, completely crushing that country girl look which she started with!
  3. We need to keep in mind this fact- artists grow. They change, develop into something new through their career. If she stayed that lil country girl with head full of curls, she would look amazing but she wouldn't be this famous. What's important is that the quality of music doesn't decrease, and in Taylor's case- it became even better. Her voice is much stronger, her music is much more vibrant and powerful, she is more in control and I believe that with this music video she's showing all of that more than ever!
  4. We should've seen it coming. With "Blank Space" where she portrayed herself as the mainstream media sees her (serial dater?), with the jabs from Kim K and Kanye, with people calling her "snake" and "Regina George in sheep's skin", with the recent trial (which she did win, but it still made an impact on her) it was bound for her to do something. And she handled it like a pro- she made a song which broke Vevo's and Spotify's records!
  5. People say she ''lost her mind". To be honest, I don't see it. She still did what she always does, she put small details which make a huge point with a catchy beat and good vocals. What's the problem with all of this? I don't see it. When she says "Old Taylor has died" I don't see it as crazy, I see it as powerful. I see it like this- she felt vulnerable and exposed to the attacks of all the people around her and she decided to fight back with art and music as opposed to retracting or doing something stupid.
  6. Another thing we should all keep in mind when "judging" the video- she kept her class. She wasn't naked, she wasn't selling it with sex. She never did and she remains true to herself, even if she did take up this new, bad ass image. She is still herself just more violent with making her point.

  7. Those last 40 seconds are I C O N I C. If you fail to see her intelligence for taking all of her past selves and all the jabs which people made at them and implementing them in her own video, in essence making fun of her past self and being aware of everything, then I don't know how to show it to you. Seriously, that last part is my favorite!

    That's it guys, those are my opinion on Tay's new video. Do you agree with me? Do you think I'm wrong? Comment down below or Tweet it to me!


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