How I (try to) keep myself productive:

Hey guys, welcome to a new blog post!
This time I am right on time with new content, as I am still trying to get a firm grasp on this "blog content scheduling" thing. But, so far it's going good and I must say- I am quite proud of myself! This is the most consistency I ever had with a blog!
To get back on track... I am a sucker for self discipline. If there's a way where I can avoid something- I will. You can bet on it. And it doesn't even matter what it is, is it something which I enjoy (like a at home spa day, reading, watching a show) or something which just needs to be done (cleaning the apartment, studying, planning), I have a huge tendency to just... Procrastinate.
Over the years, I developed some "hacks" , so to say, on how to have productive days even when I don't feel like doing anything which needs to be done (which is like... 90% of the time). If this sounds like something you struggle with or can relate to, read on:

                                  How I keep myself productive:

  1. I try to wake up early.
    Not too early but my aim every day is 7 AM. That way I can do my morning routine and be done with it by 9:30 AM and start working early. Also, since I have a problem with hearing my alarm early I shove my phone under my pillow and alongside a ringtone I also turn on vibration. It's so annoying that it wakes me up almost instantly!
  2. I have routines.
    I am most productive when I have a schedule. A logical conclusion for me was to make a schedule for me. I have routines for morning and night, for Sunday, for days when I don't go anywhere in the morning and days where I do have some things to finish up outside. Routines make it easier for me to be productive, and to write my things down in my planner.
  3. I plan out my whole day.

    I write down everything which I want to do and estimated time which I will need to accomplish it all. Then, I add 30 minutes to each task and write it all down in my planner with start time on the left side of the page. That way I have all things right in front of me. Also, if a task is not important but I still want to do it through out the day I put it in the Cloud- a little box on the right side of the page where I jot down small tasks like "paint my nails". 
  4. I treat my obligations like an actual job
    That way I work with focus and dedication and I have a time limit. Also, once I finish a task I put it behind me and don't think about it anymore.
  5. I keep my environment clean.
    Clean environment equals clean mind. Something which my mom taught me when I was 11. 
  6. I de-stress myself with doing what I enjoy.
    I watch movies and tv shows, I blog, I play with my cats. Whatever works for me in that moment, I will do it. Self care is important. 
There you have it, how I keep myself productive! If you have any additional questions, or if you want to share your tips with us, be sure to comment down bellow or to DM me on my twitter account!
Lots of love, 


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