Hello, it's me! || Other half of the year resolutions?

Hey guys!
I haven't been using this blog since... last year. Shameful, I know... But, I decided that I will start over, same blog (deleted the old posts...) and different content.
I am kind of failing at life, or was up until this point. As I am sitting on my couch, thinking of what to type, the only topic that pops in my head now is- change.

                                      I want to change.

It sounds powerful. It's not like- "I need to change" or "Maybe I should change". No, "I WANT TO CHANGE". My head kept screaming at me, my heart longed for it, and now I believe I am finally ready. I am ready to change.
The journey of how I actually got to this mindset is kind of like this:

  • I watched Youtube.
  • The video ended.
  • I took my moleskine.
  • And a pen.
  • I sat down and wrote down what kind of a person I am in an alternative universe. (Kalyn Nicholson covered it in the youtube video I was watching... Setting up goals I believe is the name of the video.)
  • I already am those persons. I am that person. So, I wrote it down in that form.
  • And I sat down and wrote down what I need to start doing in order to be "that person" in this universe.

Small actions, which accumulate throughout the day and make a difference in the end. Sounds so positive and motivating!
So, I have made a decision to change. Change myself today, change the world tomorrow. My changes, or steps I want to implement are kind of from every area of my life. Yeah, that's how miserable I feel. It goes from diet choices, to studying, to sleeping, my relationship with L, my relationship with myself, self-care, routines... You name it, I want to change it!

What kind of change do you want to make? On yourself? In the world? Be sure to comment bellow!

Lots of love!


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