August favorites!

Hey guys, welcome to a new blog post!
For today I decided to wrap up August early; it's been a horrible month for me- a lot of things happened in my life and 90% of them weren't nice.
Anyways, I saw these types of posts floating around on my reading lists and on Youtube so I really wanted to make one! If you're interested, keep on reading:

                                        August favorites:

  • First thing which I have been obsessed with is "New Girl". I am only at season 2 but I swear, Jess is everything I want to be, the overall feel of the show is happy and it made me feel really nice and positive about the stuff which has been going on in my life. Also, Nick and Schmidt have made me laugh so hard and so much it's insane!
  • Next thing which I have been loving this month is my moleskines and my Stabilo point 88 pens. I am preparing for exams which begin by the end of August, and these babies SAVED MY LIFE. Not only is the paper in the moleskine to die for, the whole notebook is so aesthetically pleasing with the black cover. Not to mention the practicality of the whole thing- it fits in every purse of mine, it has not one but 2 pockets on the covers for random papers (in my case stickers...) and no pen bleeds through the paper. And Stabilo pens are super pigmented, they have a really thin point which makes it easy to write (i have super small hand writing, as in my letters are super small) and there's 10 different colors in the pack which I got-just enough for me to color code my planner and study guides. Oh, btw I use my moleskine as a bullet journal and if you haven't heard about the system my next post will be about that :)
  • Another thing which I have been using a lot this month is my NYX lipstick in the color "Electra". The color matches my hair and most of my outfits, I find it a great transition color from summer to fall since it is not really red but not really brown, it has a certain shine to it and it goes on so smoothly! Also, I put it in the morning and it lasts all the way to the late afternoon, although the color washes of a bit, it still remains there. The only thing which bothers me a bit about it is that it smudges on the lip line a lot, so I have to be careful about it (fun fact- the other day I walked around with a red smudge on my nose... no one told me until the evening.)
    My picture but my camera decided to hate me ._.
    Swatch for electra!

    Found a better picture of the lipstick online, not sure who the exact owner is so if anyone knows, tell me so I can put them in the caption!
  • One more thing in the department of beauty (lol) which I've been using all the time is Avon's True Color Multi Benefit nail polish in the shade Perfect Pink. Not only did it make my nails stronger, it prevents the splitting and cracking while giving the perfect shade. I personally use either natural, nude colors or deep red. This month my nails have been only nude! Another good shade from the same line is Restoring Beige, although I find that it doesn't look that well when you have a bit f a tan, which is why I decided to use Perfect Pink in August!
    Photo from the official Avon site, nailpolish in the shade Perfect Pink
  • The last thing which I decided to put on this list is: creating playlists! I decided to make playlists for various different seasons and moods! So far I have 3, but I will continue making them. (Pst, if you want to check them out, I will be making a post about that ;) )
And that's it, those are my August favorites! If you like this type of posts, be sure to comment down below or to DM me on Twitter! 
Lots of love,


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