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"Look what you made me do"-Taylor Swift || Not a common opinion?

Hey guys! Even though this isn't the type of post I had in my mind on posting, I couldn't help myself- this video is everywhere! And me being a Swiftie since forever, I felt the need to point out few things:

First things first, this video is intentionally made to make a point, with amazing videos and easter eggs throughout the whole song/video- you can't deny that it took effort, brain and hard work to think up with this master piece! Although Taylor always does that with her videos, this time she went one step further and really nailed  it! She had me captivated and looking for small details since the start to the end!
Next, Taylor looks ah-maz-ing in this video! With the new outfits picked out for this video and the old outfits from her past, I was blown away! She brought that classic Tay look and merged it with this new "bad ass" girl, completely crushing that country girl look which she started with!
We need to keep in mind this fact- artists grow. They change, …

August favorites!

Hey guys, welcome to a new blog post!
For today I decided to wrap up August early; it's been a horrible month for me- a lot of things happened in my life and 90% of them weren't nice.
Anyways, I saw these types of posts floating around on my reading lists and on Youtube so I really wanted to make one! If you're interested, keep on reading:

August favorites:

First thing which I have been obsessed with is "New Girl". I am only at season 2 but I swear, Jess is everything I want to be, the overall feel of the show is happy and it made me feel really nice and positive about the stuff which has been going on in my life. Also, Nick and Schmidt have made me laugh so hard and so much it's insane!Next thing which I have been loving this month is my moleskines and my Stabilo point 88 pens. I am preparing for exams which begin by the end of August, and these babies SAVED MY LIFE. Not only is the paper in the moleskine to die for, the whole notebook is so aesthetically plea…

How I (try to) keep myself productive:

Hey guys, welcome to a new blog post!
This time I am right on time with new content, as I am still trying to get a firm grasp on this "blog content scheduling" thing. But, so far it's going good and I must say- I am quite proud of myself! This is the most consistency I ever had with a blog!
To get back on track... I am a sucker for self discipline. If there's a way where I can avoid something- I will. You can bet on it. And it doesn't even matter what it is, is it something which I enjoy (like a at home spa day, reading, watching a show) or something which just needs to be done (cleaning the apartment, studying, planning), I have a huge tendency to just... Procrastinate.
Over the years, I developed some "hacks" , so to say, on how to have productive days even when I don't feel like doing anything which needs to be done (which is like... 90% of the time). If this sounds like something you struggle with or can relate to, read on:

How I keep myself prod…

Things I learned in my first year of college!

Hey guys, welcome to a new post!
I know I was supposed to post this yesterday, but yesterday was hectic for me. I ended up going to the ER and hospital, because I got a kidney infection. Though, I got my meds and now everything should be fine! But I definitely decided that I will be posting on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so you can check my blog and on those days there should be new content!
As you can see from the title, this post will be about my first year of college. I finished my first year in the end of May, had exams in June and soon I will have another round of exams (they start on the last day of August and finish mid September). Even though I am unsure if I will pass my exams therefore unsure of whether I will go in the second year or not, I thought that maybe this post could be helpful for all you guys there who are just starting college!

Things I learned in my first year of college:

Go to class. I can't stress this enough. Although you will find it everywhere in posts of t…

Hello, it's me! || Other half of the year resolutions?

Hey guys!
I haven't been using this blog since... last year. Shameful, I know... But, I decided that I will start over, same blog (deleted the old posts...) and different content.
I am kind of failing at life, or was up until this point. As I am sitting on my couch, thinking of what to type, the only topic that pops in my head now is- change.

I want to change.

It sounds powerful. It's not like- "I need to change" or "Maybe I should change". No, "I WANT TO CHANGE". My head kept screaming at me, my heart longed for it, and now I believe I am finally ready. I am ready to change.
The journey of how I actually got to this mindset is kind of like this:

I watched Youtube.The video ended.I took my moleskine.And a pen.I sat down and wrote down what kind of a person I am in an alternative universe. (Kalyn Nicholson covered it in the youtube video I was watching... Setting up goals I believe is the name of the video.)I already am those persons. I am that pers…