How to become a morning person || tutorial tuesday

Hey guys, welcome to a new post! As I'm writing this, I have my cup of coffee next to me, I am dressed with my makeup and hair done, I already wrote up one post, planned out my day and workout and tidied up my bedroom. You know what's the thing here?
It's not even 7 AM.

Flashback to a month ago (more or less), I'm waking up at noon- groggy, tired, feeling like a pile of dog poop because I was supposed to be up HOURS AGO, doing things and yet... I just woke up. My whole day goes in a haze, I am unable to function until 10 PM, and the circle goes on and on. So how did I actually manage to become a morning person? What the hell even is a morning person? 

I honestly never functioned like this before. The worst thing is- I wasn't even a night owl! I just wouldn't function 90% of the day ( I had a few hours in the afternoon ).  So if I managed to do this, to wake up at 5:30 AM and to be a functional, productive person, so can you!

Do "the cut" "The cut&…

Life update

Hey guys, long time no see! I have been absent for so long, I know, but bear with me- I have been so busy in a positive way that I just could not find time for this little corner on the internet. Well, technically I could've, but I just wanted to enjoy myself because I have honestly never been happier than I have been for the whole of May and the beginning of June.  So... What has been going on? A lot. The first change you may have noticed- I deleted all of the videos from my channel. Even though it was a goal of mine, an ambition to become a Youtuber, I found that it just wasn't satisfying me. I wasn't happy. I was stressing out over filming days, ways, editing and all of the things in between. So... I decided to quit! And it has made me tremendously happy ever since I stopped worrying about it. Though maybe later on in life I restart it. Who knows?
I bought a guitar! I wanted to get back into playing for 2 whole years, but I never really researched the prices and all... I…

Spring 2018 BUCKET LIST

Hey guys, welcome to another post! As it is April, and spring is in full blast here in Serbia (finally), I can't help but feel... New. Fresh. I don't know what it is, is it the fresh wind? The smell of flowers? The fact that it was winter here in Serbia since November? Whatever it is, I feel good. And not just my average good. Like... Good good. Pretty awesome actually. It inspired me to do so much this season that of course, my inner lil list maker had to come out and play!  So, spring 2018- let's see what we can do:

SPRING CLEANING! (done, and tbh I am exhausted!)Make a bunch of spring DIY decorations for my bedroomGo out to the forest just outside my town (and take a bunch of pics hue hue)Make spring inspired cupcakesPlant more plants (I already have 2)Run outsideDrink morning coffee out on the balconySit outside in a cafePut more fresh flowers around the apartmentPaint my nails in a spring colorRead outside on the balconyGo to the beach before the bathing season arrive…

Ways to lift your mood up || Self-care Sunday

Hey guys! It's been a hot minute since I posted on my blog, and the reason for that is pure laziness. Buuuuuut... Here I am! That's what matters the most I think, that I come back every time. This is the longest "project" that I have ever worked on (aside from my boyfie haha). 
Now, we all have those days. You know, you wake up and you just feel... blargh. Everything annoys you, breathing is too difficult, you can't be bothered with your chores, your workload, your friends/family/significant other. I know that I have a crapload of those days. So I compiled a list of things which I do, and that you can as well, to lift my mood up: 

Listen to awesome music (I just use 8-tracks, and search for whatever I am in the mood for)Paint your nailsDo your hair in a different styleDo yogaMeditateWatch a cool movieOr 3 cool moviesWatch cute animal videos onlineDance around your room, let your muscles loosen up and just have funGo grab your favorite hot drink from a local cafe …

On love || Small talk Sunday

Hey cutecumbers and welcome to another post!
Before we get into the today's topic, I want to say one cool thing and another really cool thing.
First of all- look at the blog look! My blog got a makeover, just like I did :D
And then... Second thing... I am launching my very first YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Whaaat? Yeah, I am uploading on Tuesday (if everything goes as planned), my channel is already set up with all the links and channel art and I have my topic prepared well! Stay in tune, link will be in my Contact me page and bellow this post as well :)

On to the post... I am young. I have seen less then 2% of the world. My relationship experience is not vast. I had 3 long relationships and 3 one night stands. I dabbled into a lot of first kisses though. I know that I may not be completely right about this topic. But it seemed that this topic is fitting for this Sunday, especially with what happened with my boyfriend the previous week.
I will not get into the details, as it wouldn't be …

New Year resolutions || Small talk Sunday

Hey cutecumbers, welcome to another post! And also- HAPPY NEW YEAR! We haven't seen each other in so long oh my god. I'm so sorry. But, I do have some awesome new content for you guys and lemme tell you... You're gonna love it.
So, with the New Year rolling by, we all hope it's gonna be better than 2017. Let's face it, nobody liked you 2017. Go away and never come back! But, I believe that hoping is not enough. You have to take conscious actions to make the New Year your best year ever! I am also a firm believer that resolutions and goals are something awesome, something which guides you through the year and keeps you on track. Granted, I really haven't kept up with my resolutions last year but I blame 2017 mood for it!
Today I will show you how I set up my resolutions. And goals. And bunch of other lists. (if you didn't know, I'm a huge list freak. I love me some lists).
Without further ado, let's get down to business :D

When we set goals and resolu…

Hey... || Life update?

Hey cutecumbers, welcome to another post.
Noticed how I didn't say "welcome to blogvember day.." ? Yeah...

                         I am cutting blogvember short.
I am not sure why I exactly couldn't stick to it. Maybe it's just lack of preparation and planning. Maybe life got in the way. Who knows?
I am not making excuses, but I think I owe you some kind of update, some kind of notice. You deserve to know why I have been absent for 2 whole weeks.
Recently, I noticed a lot of stuff was just... Too much. Kind of. Like... I would do regular, normal, mundane things and I would feel suffocated. I would feel like I was in a stuffy, too warm room in the thickest sweater possible, and the room is also filled with strangers, and spiders are crawling on the walls and also someone just gave me a test for which I haven't prepared.
This included writing these posts. I no longer found them fun and I didn't really enjoy writing. And you could see that, in the way I wrote u…